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What’s great about Voterise, a nonpartisan nonprofit, is that we are an all-inclusive, one-stop voter registration organization. We register voters ourselves, of course, but we do more to help nonprofits and other partners build voter registration into their everyday practice. For example:

· We train volunteers for outside organizations and businesses, and

· Most importantly we offer safe and secure voter registration tools, platforms, and forms, at no cost to partners.

For our partners who want to get serious about nonpartisan voter registration, Voterise is pleased to offer volunteer training. During these fun and interactive 45-minute sessions, you will learn about the following:

- Tips for filling out the registration form. For example, if all you do is send people to the, then you will not be prepared for critical get-out-the-vote efforts. And in Utah the gap between registering to vote and turning out to vote is massive! For more tools and tricks like this, check out our new "open source" VOLUNTEER TOOLKIT 1.0. 

- How to use our online registration platform: 

- Using our text registration platform (see illustration).


- The Do’s and Don’ts of voter registration (for example: DO harvest the person’s contact info like email and name for the sake of get-out-the-vote and ongoing civic engagement activities, but DON’T tell them how you yourself are voting if they ask, i.e. live up to the nonpartisan promise).

- How to properly communicate with and motivate others to register to vote and turnout to vote on or before Election Day.

Using Voterise platforms, you can register voters three different ways.

1. Text to Register:

One of our newest features is ‘text to register’ where individuals can register to vote via smart phone! This tool is especially helpful and efficient for registering large groups of people all at once. It works best when 5 minutes is set aside during a forum or convening to walk people through online registration—it doesn’t work as well if the audience is told to do it on their own time.

How It Works: Simply text voterise to 788-683 and it will ask you the following questions in the photo to the left. After this, you will go to our Rock the Vote online platform, where you can finish the registration process.

Note: There is a survey question that asks individuals “What non-profit or company are you signing up through?” This is the place where the individual will write in the organizations name, like “USU” or “YWCA.”

2. Register to Vote Online:

This is our online voter registration platform, which allows the user to choose their state, add their email, and follow through a short set of questions to register.


3. Register to Vote Via Paper Form:

The form is extremely easy to use, and as you will notice below, we have highlighted a sample form to help you figure out what needs to be filled out. But, be aware, October 11th is the deadline for paper forms. The great news is that users can use our text to register and online platform to register up until November 1st.


The Take Home: A Menu of Next Steps

1. Schedule a volunteer training at your organization. Send email to  

2. Fill out our online questionnaire to pinpoint your needs as a nonprofit: 

3. Attend one of our upcoming trainings. See upcoming trainings on Voterise’s Events page. Or, check out our new "open source" VOLUNTEER TOOLKIT 1.0.

4. Ask for a “widget”: your very own voter registration link on your website or Facebook—for real! For more information send email to: