THE FINAL PUSH: Voter(ise) Registration for High Schools

20 October 2016 Written by  
Voterise Flash Registration at Utah International Charter Academy Voterise Flash Registration at Utah International Charter Academy

October 11 was Utah’s deadline for voter registration by paper—but HAVE NO FEAR! Voterise has a number of secure and efficient tools to facilitate voter registration and civic engagement all the way to the Nov 1 online voter reg “deadline.”* In these last 3 weeks, VOTERISE is looking to target voter registration efforts in Utah high schools.

If you are connected to any such entity, call us or email to set up a “flash” registration: . This is the most efficient method by far, and you can imagine why: If you, our host, can set aside 5-10 minutes out of a program or agenda, we come in and register an entire classes or assemblies at once on smart phones via text. If anyone has questions or issues come up, we stick around to answer them. Then, like a flash, we’re outta there and onto the next gig—and you can return to your regular program.

With less than a month before the General Election, we are taking a systematic approach to high schools—from the association and school district level down to the individual schools. PLEASE JOIN US.

Asking More of Generation Z

Good habits like voting start early, and this is why Voterise is offering secure and efficient voter registration in Utah high schools. Today’s 18-year olds, Generation Z, will have their first chance to vote in the 2016 election—but only if they are registered. Voterise is on hand to support 18 year olds (and 16-17 year olds, who can pre-register in Utah!) and the school community in the voter/civic engagement process.

VOTERISE Voter Registration Tools for High Schools

· Voterise’s ‘FLASH’ registration. Students use their smart phones to register online in 3 minutes or less using Voterise’s popular texting platform. With the October 11 deadline for paper registration behind us, the only way to register is online. One advantage of FLASH registration is that it can be easily combined with another event (ideally before a well-attended event, like a movie screening). It works best when all students begin the process together, and where the FLASH is the sole focus for the 5-7 minutes it takes to explain the process, pump up the students, and execute the steps.

· An interactive presentation on voting: why it’s important and how voting works.

· Tools and memes to promote voter registration via text through school-based intranets and social media platforms. This works best if the message is carried by an influential messenger, such as a student body president, homecoming king or queen, or football quarterback. Voterise can provide messaging from popular athletes (like REAL SL players).


· Widgets** for websites to facilitate voter registration campaigns around the school community: Voterise can give schools their own voter registration button and mini-platform so they can track their own results.

· Scripts for morning announcements or assemblies.

· Posters featuring the voter registration via text tool (please note: passive methods like posters are not nearly as effective as more focused “flash” methods).

Millennials aged 19-34 are known for their disappointing voter turnout: in the 2014 election only 8.1% of Utah millennials voted. Voterise is doing all we can, even in this election cycle, to turn this group around. But for the millennials’ younger siblings, Generation Z, our message is: YOU CAN DO BETTER. We give them the tools to become persistent voters and from there to be part of the civic conversation. This, in turn, helps students do better in school (learn more in our invited comments on the revised civics curriculum standards for Utah secondary schools).

To Learn More: Contact VOTERISE

Voterise’s calendar is filling up fast, but we will make time to help high schools register new voters. Give us a call or send an email to reserve any of the above services and tools.

Contact: Judi Hilman, Voterise Executive Director:  (855) 725-VOTE ext 501

*that’s right: Utah has same-day voter registration in 6 counties, where the vast majority of the population lives.

**a widget is a string of HTML code that performs a function on a website—in this case linking a button to an external voter registration platform while tracking the source.