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03 November 2016 Written by  

With two hours (!) left on early voting in the 12 counties that support it, VOTERISE, a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit targeting millennials and other under-represented groups, has created tools, incentives, and maps to help people avoid long lines on Election Day and vote early.

Utah's shift to vote-by-mail is great, but it has left us with fewer polling places. People can avoid potentially long lines by VOTING EARLY in the 12 counties that offer this option. Not a lot of people know that three counties (Kane, Salt Lake, and Sanpete) allow people to register to vote and then vote at their early polling locations (click here to find early polling locations by county, if offered). 

More GOTV (Get-Out-The-Vote) Tools & Reminders

  • I VOTED-Did You? Campaign: Voterise urges those who have already voted to show off by posting (click here to try it) to add an "I Voted" sticker to their Facebook profile and then encourage their friends to do the same.


This tool is share-able on Facebook and Twitter.

Voterise Plans for Election Day November 8

Unfortunately, the state of Utah and SL County, the largest, are not willing to publicize the fact that people can actually register to vote on Election Day in 8 counties--long story. 

Utah Same Day regsitration 01

In fact, if a person tries to register online on vote.utah.gov they are told they can’t—not a word about the option to register on Election Day in 8 counties!  By keeping this a secret or hiding it deep inside a website , we are losing sight of the goal: to fill in the huge gaps in Utah’s electorate.

If there is concern about opening up floodgates, that fear, invalid as it is in the first place (right?!), is misplaced. In fact, when the pilot was first tried in 2014, only 1,221 people registered on Election Day in the 5 counties that offered the option. By not promoting the option where it's available, are we not setting up the pilot to fail? 

According to Utah Foundation, neighboring states Idaho and Colorado got better results and much better turnout because they promoted same-day voter registration without apologies through educational campaigns and the media. 

ElectionDayRegUT CO ID2014

With the state and even SL County not willing to budge, it’s up to us (including you!) to get the word out about same-day voter registration. Politics should not distract from the prize: a more vibrant democracy backed by a more diverse and engaged electorate. 

Tools for Election Day Nov 8

· Where Do I Vote—map it! With fewer polling places, people may have trouble finding their polling places. For them, Voterise has created a mapping tool: http://tinyurl.com/hzced3e. The tool allows the person to plug in their address and then see the nearest polling place.

· Taxi Rides: Voterise is partnering with taxi companies like Ute Cab to offer rides to the far-flung polling places. In other words: no excuses not to get out and vote (or register to vote on Election Day).

· What’s On My Ballot? Download our links to nonpartisan voter guides, language assistance at the polls, tools to protect the right to vote here.

Find more tools on our Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/voterise