Make It Count on #GivingTuesday, Build On VOTERISE's results for 2018

29 November 2016 Written by  
Voterise registers voters at Overstock Voterise registers voters at Overstock


No matter how you feel about the 2016 Election, know that VOTERISE must systematically get ready for the 2018 elections and further the partnerships we have built. We invite you to celebrate #GivingTuesday with a tax-deductible gift to VOTERISE at year end (donate here).


Here's what VOTERISE accomplished since we opened our doors July 14, 2016:

  • Directly registered almost 2,000 voters, at 66 events and festivals.
  • Indirectly registered 4,000 voters by providing training, tools, widgets, and memes to colleges, nonprofits, and businesses.
  • Facilitated voter engagement in 15 workplaces (Real SL, Overstock, Adobe, Ancestry, Goldman Sachs, Impact Hub, among them).
  • Engaged 28 nonprofits in voter engagement.
  • Gave new registrants tools to vote and make informed decisions.


  • Registering young people to vote is hard! It must be coupled with engagement around issues that matter to youth so they become persistent voters and activists.
  • With the right tools such as catchy videos and peer-to-peer approaches, high school students can be motivated to vote. Students need to know that legislators, school board members, and Congressional members are hungry for their input.
  • Nonprofits serving under-engaged communities want practical tools to register and engage their constituents. Voterise can connect new voters with nonprofits working on issues they care about.
  • With VOTERISE'S tools, training, and support, colleges registered thousands of new voters through creative peer-to-peer campaigns and collaboration across the Utah Campus Compact, a consortium of 8 colleges. Voterise can go further in strengthening these efforts.
  • Workplaces want to contribute to the civic life of their communities; their employees appreciate on-site support for civic participation.
  • Public policies related to voting can be improved. Voteries can actively support a pending legislative proposal to extend same-day voter registration to all counties. Utah should also consider automatic voter registration and other measures to close the gaps in Utah's electorate.


PLANS FOR 2017-2018


Civics Education: Build on our success in improving the standards for civics education in Utah by developing the civics curriculum with teachers and school districts and promoting schools that deliver strong results.

Nonprofit Collaboration: Provide widgets, tools, and training to more nonprofits so they can build voter engagement into their work. Connect new voters to the nonprofits working on the issues the voters care most about so they can become persistent voters.

Workplace Voter Engagement: Create an online toolbox for employers. Reward those employers who go the extra mile in voter engagement.

Colleges: Build voter registration into college admission forms in partnership with the Utah Campus Compact.

Digital Strategy: Maximize online voter registration via search engine optimization, messaging platforms, ad buys, and more.

Public Policy: Advocate for easier voting, whether by making Election Day a holiday, removing voting restrictions, automatic registration, and/or other measures.


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