VOTERISE Report to the Community 2016

31 December 2016 Written by  

At year-end, we take a moment to share what we did in our first four months; what we learned, and provide a sketch of our plans for 2017. This work will be very important in the months and years ahead. Please consider a tax-deductible donation at year end here. 


Utah Early Voting FinalEmailVersion

  • Directly registered almost 2,000 voters, at 66 events and festivals.
  • Indirectly registered 4,000 voters by providing training, tools, widgets, & memes to colleges, nonprofits, and businesses.
  • Gave new registrants tools to vote and make informed decisions.
  • Registered hundreds of new voters in 15 workplaces (Real SL, Overstock, Adobe, Ancestry, Goldman Sachs, Impact Hub, and more).
  • Engaged 22 nonprofits in voter registration.



  • The key to registering young voters is getting them excited about issues that affect them personally.
  • High school students can be motivated to vote! Catchy videos and peer-to-peer campaigns go a long way. They need to know that elected officials value their input.
  • Nonprofits need practical tools to work with under-engaged constituents, and they want to share strategies with other nonprofits.
  • Colleges are the next frontier—we helped them register thousands of new voters, and this is only the beginning.
  • In workplaces, convenience is key, and on-site voter registration makes a big difference.


 Slam Dunk Texting

  • Civics Education: Build on our success in enhancing civics education by developing curriculum with teachers and school districts. Promote “Centers of Excellence.”
  • Nonprofit Collaboration: Provide proven tools and training to more nonprofits. Connect more voters to the nonprofits working on the issues they care about.
  • Workplace Engagement: Create an online toolbox for employers, and reward those that go the extra mile.
  • Colleges: Build voter registration into college admission forms with Campus Compact.
  • Digital: Build on our popular texting platform & expand online registration via search engine optimization, messaging platforms, ad buys, and more.
  • Public Policy: Make voting easier. Registration should be streamlined if not fully automated. Election Day should be a state holiday. Voter ID laws should be less restrictive. These and other measures will help close the gaps in Utah's electorate.

Now is the time to build our capacity for 2018 and 2020. THANKS FOR CONSIDERING A GIFT AT YEAR END! Donate HERE.