Pledge, Plan, Pass

If you are already registered to vote, you are ready to join millions of other Americans in deciding our future! Now LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN...

Join our get-out-the-vote campaign to PLEDGE, PLAN, PASS... 

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How does this work?

Click on the photo above...Hit <share> (Facebook). Share your responses...

1. Pledge to vote. If you like, say why you are voting or what issue makes you get out and vote. 

2. Plan: how/when/where you will vote.  Note that your employer must give you 2 PAID hours off to vote BY LAW--as long as you request in advance.
    Find the nearest polling place (map it here: )

3. Pass: Challenge 4+ friends to do the same by tagging them. 

Just remember: The more prepared people are, the more likely they are to vote.