Promote Voter Registration-Email Template

Instructions for Use

Please paste the text below into a new email message and adapt for your audience as you see fit (IMPORTANT: keep it nonpartisan). Then send it to everyone you know and accept our gratitude. 


Dear {Name},

November 1 is Utah's deadline for online voter registration. Please take 5 minutes to register to vote. Simply text ‘Voterise’ to 788-683, or visit  to register yourself, your friends, and your family to vote. It takes less than 5 minutes--it’s that easy. To help people sort out their ballot choices and enjoy their right to vote, be sure to share our Top Tools for Voters: Or, download our Early Voting and Election Day Voting Locations + Hours Cheatsheet

Go the extra mile:

· Please take a minute to post this graphic on your social media:


See this in Spanish: 

· If you tweet, click here ( ) to tweet this message: "Use your phone to order pizza, find love, and now, register to vote. Text ‘Voterise’ to 788-683. #Voterise"

Voting has one of the largest impacts on our future. In 2014 Utah had the 3rd lowest voter turnout in the country, only 29% of Utahns turned out to vote. That same year only 8% of millennials age 18-29 voted. Just imagine what could happen on issues you care about if more young people and other under-represented groups voted!

To learn more about Voterise, check out the links below.

Please forward this email to your friends, colleagues, family, etc. 

Thank you for your help in building a more vibrant and inclusive democracy! It will take all of us to get this done in time for November. 

(Your Name here)